Scott Thompson Takes You Inside Hannibal

Scott Thompson has hijacked the Hannibal set to bring you three interviews with the show’s three leading men — Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy and Lawrence Fishburne*. The interviews are short, cute and fun for the average Hannibal fan, although now and then Thompson seems to need to be reminded that he’s interviewing and not being interviewed.

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Hoax or Not, James Franco Did Nothing Wrong

God knows that James Franco loves nothing more than an elaborate PR stunt masquerading as “performance art.” So it is entirely possible, as some people have speculated, that his recent attempt to pick up a 17 year old fan outside the stage door of Of Mice and Men was one big plug for his upcoming movie, Palo Alto.

For those who don’t know, Palo Alto, based on a series of short stories (written, of course, by Franco himself), is about a group of rebellious teens, one of whom has an inappropriate and mutual crush on her much older soccer coach (played by — you guessed it – Franco). The trailer was released the day before this all went down. Here’s it is, if you’re interested:

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Hannibal Season 2: The Dinner Party is Over

Hannibal - Season 2


If Hannibal’s first season did one thing perfectly, it was in helping us to forget what we already knew. Sure, we know that Will Graham will get out of jail, be cured of his wonky clock disease and will go to live on the beach in Florida in tiny shorts and Wayfarers and a synth soundtrack.  We know that Jack and Chilton will at least make it to Silences of the Lambs era. And, of course, we know that everyone will realize that Hannibal has been feeding them people.

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The Musketeers Finale Caps Off a Fantastically Cheesy Season


So it seems my first impression was pretty spot-on — BBC1′s The Musketeers was every bit as corny and ridiculous as I could’ve hoped, and I loved it.

There was definitely the odd stumble here and there — the crazy feminism episode, Porthos and the Thieves’ Guild, and the sheer number of female bodies spilling out of the Musketeers’ combined fridge of manpain. But at the end of the day, where this adaptation went right was in not trying to put too much of a “unique spin” on the original story. Dumas, for the most part, knew what he was doing. So while there’s a whiff of an “origin story” about this show that the movies don’t really have time to get into, and the stories of the week certainly had nothing to do with the source material, the overall tone was exactly what it should’ve been: fun.

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Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Collection

Tea Leaves and Dog Ears:

Hello everyone. This isn’t about books or Doctor Who or movies or television, but sometimes I talk about makeup. And when I do, I do it over on Fifty Shades of Coral. So if you like that sort of thing, and you like me, and you want to see the things I put on my face, then please feel free to read along.

Originally posted on Fifty Shades of Coral:


Hello everyone. It’s your friendly, book-blogging Pope here. And like any good Catholic, I have a confession to make:

First, I’m not Catholic.

But second, I have a makeup problem.

So while it’s not quite Spring yet, my collection is in need of a serious airing-out. And this guest blog series is going to function as the cosmetic equivalent of a carpet beater, shaking out the rather shocking amount of makeup I don’t need — or want.

Above is a collection of 5 of the items I’ve been using regularly for the last two weeks. Every fortnight (I’m fancy like that), I’m going to review 5 items of makeup that I’ve used every day for those two weeks. Whatever I just can’t make work will either get gifted or — if it’s totally unusable — tossed.

Let’s get started:

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Next Season of True Detective Might Star Women, Internet Rages


Dustin Rowles over at Uproxx has been covering True Detective with a certain amount of rabid enthusiasm since its debut early last month. Today’s first article (he does like 3 a day — the man is obsessed) is in part about creator and head writer Nic Pizzolato’s now-deleted tweet hinting that the next season will star female detectives.

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JK Rowling’s Detective Sequel Due Out in June

Joanne Rowling


Last year, a first-time author penned a small crime novel about a detective hot on the trail of a supermodel’s killer. It got fairly good reviews, but wasn’t selling terrifically well. So when that first-time author was shockingly “unmasked” by a series of clumsy tweets, and Robert Galbraith was instead revealed to be book-writing superstar JK Rowling, people went nuts.

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